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Candidate Information

Mission Statement

"Promote uniformity, fairness, equity, and integrity in the property tax assessment process"  California State Board of equalization.

I believe that tax payers deserve to be treated respectfully and they are entitled to transparency.   

I will be a good steward of taxpayer dollars and I have a realistic understanding of our counties resources.

I will review the personal property department and the statement mailing process.  

I will educate tax payers with classes and an open door policy.  


It is the job of our office to assess all taxable property in Lassen County but it is not my intention to assess property that should not be assessed.  

We are regulated by the state but the Assessor has the authority to make some choices.     

This is our county and we can work together.   

I want to review the Williamson Act parcels that we have removed from the program and verify that the ranches should be on their factored base year values.  I would also like to work with the ranches to accurately assess the land uses to make sure that we are correct in values and are not over assessing them.

I believe all taxpayers in Lassen County should be treated equal and fair.

I will be the liaison between taxpayer and appraiser.  Reducing the amount of appeals.

Please email me your suggestions on how to improve our office.

I look forward to meeting you in the next few months during my campaign.

Thank you for taking the time to read about me.

Property Experience

My first job out of high school was for an electrical engineering company as a draftsman.   I went on to start my own drafting business and worked with a general contractor that taught me to draw residential architectural plans.  I still enjoy drafting with pencil and paper.  My dad, Gene Insley was an electrical contractor in Lassen County for 17 years.    I was a union stage hand for the IATSE union in Reno.  I worked primarily on call for ”Hello Hollywood Hello” at Ballys (MGM prior).  I purchased a mobile home in a park as my first real estate transaction.  I studied real estate at Truckee Meadows Community College and I tested and received a real estate license.  I went into property management.    I have owned 4 houses, so I have been through escrow enough times to understand the process.  I purchased my mobile home park in 2004, I am regulated by the state of California, Lassen County and by my insurance company.  My park is a small business and I managed to survive the recession by living on the property and remodeling an old mobile home.  I’m sure my neighbors would tell you that I worked very hard on that property and I have made it a clean and nice property.  I bought a foreclosure a couple of years ago and I have been working hard on it.  I understand the difficulties and risks in purchasing a foreclosure.  

I also lived on a farm near Reno when I was young.  They grew potatoes, onions, alfalfa and raised livestock.  I remember there were no days off and when the water needed changing at 4 am they were out working.  We ate dinner after the sun went down and they were working before I went to school in the mornings.  I also remember climbing on the hay stacks when we were not supposed to.

Assessor's Office Experience

I have been working at the Assessor’s office since July 2013.  I currently review and enter property appraisal data for all appraisals, which create supplemental bills.   I  understand and process disabled veteran, welfare, church and homeowners exemptions.   I generate reports for all the service districts, verify accuracy of all roll data entries, review the unsecured and secured rolls for accuracy and turn them over to the Auditor's office.   Provide administrative services for the office.  Update our website forms, complete state reports and budget staff and roll reports for the state.  

 I was qualified to become an appraiser almost three years ago.  I chose not to be an appraiser due to the limitations in duties.  I prefer to have the whole picture and manage the work flow of our office.  This gives me knowledge of the entire office and the duties assigned.  I also have the entire roll data that I can use to trend information and create reports to track potential problems.  I have cut printing costs by using our office copier to print property statements.  I have changed our processing time for appraisals so we are up to date with the appraisers, creating timely supplemental bills.  Shortening the time it takes for  tax payers to receive their supplemental bills.  


In the 1960's. my grandfather, John Wisdom, named Whispering Pines Dr in Janesville and built houses there.  My parents moved to Lassen County in 1965.  I was born in Susanville and attended Shaffer Elementary School until the 3rd grade.  Then my mom, my siblings and I moved to Reno.  I have family here and in Reno.  

Many people have asked me how Gene and Marjorie Insley are; they moved to Pahrump Nevada in 2010 and they are both doing well.  

I have an Associates Degree in Business from Truckee Meadows Community College.  I put myself through college one or two classes at a time.  My son now attends Lassen Community College.  

The photos in this website were taken by me in Lassen County.



I strongly feel that the office of Assessor is a subjective office.  Real estate is a subjective business, two people can look at the same property and offer two different amounts for purchase.  Many different comps can be used in appraising property.  Lassen County has a diverse property base and very few (if any) properties are the same.  This being said, I do not want to give the perception of treating one tax payer different than another because of a campaign contribution.  

However, having financed the first part of this election, I will need your contributions in continuing this race.  If you want to help me, share this web site and my new Facebook page on your Facebook page.  I appreciate it!  My new Facebook page, Carrie Insley for Assessor.  I will posting and adding content this fall.   Thank you for your support!!

New Content

Candidate statement Lassen Times 5-15-18


Please vote Carrie Insley, for Lassen County Assessor, on June 5th 2018. 

I was born in Susanville and have been a small business owner in Lassen County for the last 14 years. A lifetime of property knowledge from drafting to foreclosure remodeling peak my interest in further serving the County. In addition to my business, I have been working in the Assessor’s office since July 2013. This job requires working with all other positions in the office which makes me the most well-rounded and informed candidate. Coupling my desire to serve the taxpayers and practical experience, both professional and personal, gives me the advantage to seamlessly transition to Assessor. 

As Assessor for Lassen County, I will “promote uniformity, fairness, equity, and integrity” (California Board of Equalization) to all taxpayers of Lassen County. 

I will apply practical application to the many complicated tax laws of California.  

Understanding the challenges of buying homes, commercial properties and foreclosures gives me the necessary background to work with and forge positive relationships with taxpayers. Understanding the impact of economic downturns in real estate, not to mention job losses, makes me the most qualified candidate to adjust property values under Proposition 8. 

Many years of supervisory experience in the private sector gives me the advantage necessary to manage the talented and diverse staff in our office. I am the right person to liaison with other county departments to work effectively and efficiently. As a testament to my inter-departmental reputation, I have the endorsement of the Lassen County Tax Collector, Nancy Cardenas. Communication and cooperation within the office and with other departments is critical for benefit and equitable treatment of taxpayers. 

Being a small business owner, I am fiscally responsible. This means managing a budget and finding ways to reduce operating expenses and reasonably increase revenues. I am prepared to serve your best interests even if that means tough decisions on my part.

I will offer education to taxpayers to understand the role of the Assessor’s office. This includes help in understanding the many forms that we require tax payers to fill out. I look forward to positive relationships with the people of Lassen County and the Assessor’s office. I will improve current policy to allow more accessibility to our office and emphasize customer service. I am pro-taxpayer, pro-agriculture and pro-business. It is time for a change in policy to favor all taxpayers of Lassen County!  Remember, it is your property, your tax bill and your money; question anything that you do not think is correct. It is your right! 

I want to thank the CCPOA for their endorsement!  Thank you to everyone who has helped me on this campaign, I could not do it without your support!! 

For more information, please visit my website carrieinsleyforassessor.com. Due to the subjectivity of the assessment process, I am self-funded. 

I appreciate your time and your vote!! 

Carrie Insley


Thank you to the CCPOA for your endorsement!!

Thank you Nancy Cardenas, Lassen County Tax Collector, for your endorsement!!


Thank you so much for putting my signs on your property.  I will be coming back around in mid August to put the signs back up.  I will be getting more signs and I will need more locations, if you want me to put a sign on your property please email me and I will bring one to you!

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